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“Maybe I Just Need to be Spanked?”

Just like most girls, I have toys. And my favorite toy is, admittedly, on the smallish side – but boy, when it gets going – it’s insanely hot and I could play with it all night if I could.

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“Mommy, Look at the Size of HIS Tent!!”

This morning was a “double scoop of vanilla ice cream in my bowl of coffee” type of morning. It’s Memorial Day weekend, it’s gorgeous out, and all five of my daughters are sleeping in late. The pool, which I originally did not plan on opening, is indeed being opened this weekend despite our upcoming move – much … Continue reading »

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Why is There Alpaca Fur on the Floor in my Children’s Room?

I am a LOVER of surprises… What I am NOT a lover of, is coming home and discovering a white floor covering in my 6 and 8 year old daughters bedroom. Especially when this white floor covering is actually an eight foot by five foot, white alpaca fur rug. Did I mention it’s white? “Daddy … Continue reading »

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Honey, Don’t Drip Water On the Floor – There’ll Be Weird Clean Spots…

During storms I like to light candles. And turn off all the lights. And enjoy feeling the raw power of Mother Nature envelope me – filling my senses. My five girls sit by the windows, watching and waiting. Watching the raindrops plunge heavily downward, using the grass and flowers and little red wagon as trampolines. … Continue reading »

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The Man Who Lives In the Woods Behind My House…

Sssshhhh…. There is an old man who lives in the wide expanse of woods behind my house. He committed a hideous crime – it was so bad, I can’t even describe it – and was sent to prison. Life sentences – nine of them. He was a very clever, very shrewd man, and in 1999, … Continue reading »

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My Steamy Mother’s Day Shower and Massage…

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  ~Elizabeth Stone First of All…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!  Warm hugs and kisses to all you ladies whose hearts live outside your bodies… Second of all, this post will be a shorter than others, … Continue reading »

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All I Want for Mother’s Day is to be Naked in Peace.

I am NOT very pleased with the person who taught my youngest to jimmy locked doors. I am particularly perturbed at that person when I’m in the shower and I never hear the door open – just the whoosh of my pink-on-pink shower curtain before the icy breeze grabs at my exposed body parts (for some … Continue reading »

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What Gathering Mushrooms, Wisniowka and Blog Awards Have in Common

In the scorching heat of the European summer afternoons, after the rain sprinkles it’s last luminous drops of refreshing water, the young people in Poland (at least in the mountain village my mother’s family lives in), grab their baskets and quickly make their way into the woods. To “gather mushrooms”. At least that’s what they tell … Continue reading »

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Reader Appreciation Award!

  I am delighted and tickled pink that Lynn from LYNNLOVESEDITING nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award! The feeling that comes with being nominated is what truly turns our words into works of art and let’s me know my passion for this medium is appreciated. With this award, I get to share with you something I’ve … Continue reading »

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“Chopped Testicles, Mommy? Are You Delighted?”

First of all – Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to anyone who has a child in their life since we are all always teaching them lessons through our words and our actions. I had the wonderful luxury of staying in my big, puffy bed and snuggling all weekend 😉 . OK, that translates into – I was (still am) annoyingly … Continue reading »

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