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Posted by on January 3, 2013

The girls are all still sleeping and I am putting the final touches on my first post of 2013 as well launching my newest site Victoria’s Tajemnica.


We are SLOWLY getting ourselves back into the swing of the move, and to keep ourselves (ok, ME!) focused, I decided to challenge myself to taking a picture everyday – and to give me a theme, I am using angel cards. These are cards with inspirational words on them, which you draw from a pile and then read the corresponding “message” in the accompanying book.

I must say…it’s freaky, spooky accurate. At least for me!

I invite you to please stop by and and check it out 🙂 .

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3 Responses to Pssst!! Check This Out….

  1. Lou Lou

    Good luck! Love the feathers!!!!

  2. Barbara Primous-Jackson

    I know the feeling of trying to stay motivated during moving. In the last 4 years, my family has moved around 3 different states: Arizona, Idaho, Texas, and back to Arizona. The first move was with 6 children and a dog. By the time we left Idaho, we had another kid. By the time we left Texas, we had also added two hermit crabs. I say all of this to say my condoloences (lol), congratulations, and good luck. Have a great weekend.

  3. pavi

    A really beautiful image….

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