A Plan B for Viewing Mr. Muscles on the Boardwalk!

Posted by on February 2, 2012

Some of my fondest memories growing up is all the time I spent in airplanes with my Dad. We logged hundreds and hundreds of hours flying together in both aerobatic gliders and Cetabrias. We would flip and spin, dive and steep climb, touch and go and buzz various buildings out in open fields. Every weekend and day off from school, you would find the two of us either doing maintenance on planes or flying. I would sometimes bring a friend with us, and it was always a riot to see who would chicken out and who would actually go up with us. I’ll just say that more boys chickened out than girls! And…more than one BOY ended up needing me to hand him an airsick bag after enduring just a few minutes of aerial antics. I can vividly remember the glassy eyes and green faces of the poor guys, their ego shattered.

Learning to do my first pre-flight check with Daddy

Autumn here in upstate New York, is undeniably spectacular. Layers of rich colors blanket the Catskill and the Adirondack mountains and we soared so high, soaking in the beauty. For hours we would float quietly in the sky in the glider, Dad telling me stories about his childhood back in Latvia. Or, we would perform all sorts of tricks up in the sky, the roar of the engine making it impossible then for any conversation other than flying information.

When I got older, flying out on the Cape was breathtaking. I loved checking out the hidden little nooks and crannies that were carved around the island –  sometimes even seeing whales not all that far off the shore. Now that my oldest is old enough, she is following in my footsteps.

“So, I suppose now I need to add ‘close to small airport’ to your list of must-haves?” Randi asked, “You plan on buzzing the boardwalk to see if you can spot that guy in the white top and blue shorts?” She had done her homework magnificently for me, finding me houses that fit my needs (WANTS) the best, and with all the choices, I still have not found THE perfect house. “There’s the Myrtle Beach Flying Club,” she offered – I could tell she was googling as we talked, and she assured me she’d research it for me.

She asked how my day was going without Bob, my beloved coffee maker who I unceremoniously dumped for green tea, “Any headaches?” Surprisingly, I do not have one. Yet.

My Dad passed away last year. I bet he’s doing some spectacular stunts up there in heaven.

I love you and miss you something terrible, Daddy. XOXOXOXOXO

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20 Responses to A Plan B for Viewing Mr. Muscles on the Boardwalk!

  1. mary T

    I miss my daddy too.

    His feet were more planted as firmly on the ground as someone who is 6’5 can be, and our adventures were more of the road trip variety…like driving school buses home to Vancouver BC from the factory in Brantford, Ontario or driving to Disneyland or hauling 30 feet of travel trailer behind 20 feet of a Chevy Suburban…but the memories? There are none like those of Big Bob.

  2. beton

    That’s definitely the GOOD kind of quiet! So sweet!

  3. NanaDoll

    I am sure you do miss your dad. So glad you have those flight memories.

    • NorthernChicky

      I miss him terribly. Was very tough around Christmas and his recent birthday.

  4. Andrew Petcher

    Great memories – those flying adventures must have been awesome!

  5. labellestudio

    No doubt those boys from back then are still afraid of flying! 😉 Sorry for your loss Vicky.

  6. Travis

    Beautifully written!

  7. Laurie Buchanan

    Wonderful memories

  8. Tess Kann

    I’m terrified of heights. Even a six foot ladder can do me in.

    Thanks for stopping by my post.

    Sorry for your loss.

    • NorthernChicky

      I know flying is not for everyone..but is sure is for me! I have ALWAYS loved it. And thank you for your kind words, Tess.

  9. Stephanie

    Hi N. Chicky, beautiful post and tribute piece to your Daddy. Thanks for the follow and I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

  10. Cookie

    Sorry for your loss, Vicky. Anyway, this is such a beautiful post. My dad is an ag-pilot and I wish I had more memories of flying with him in his plane when I was growing up. Unfortunately, it was different with ag-flying as he had to deal with chemicals and all that, too, so it wouldn’t be a good environment for a child. My dad still flies and your post just gave me an inspiration and an idea of a thing I need to add to my to-do-list during my upcoming vacation this summer. God willing, I will fly with my daddy when I get back home to the Philippines. Thanks again! God bless you and yours always!

    • NorthernChicky

      Thank you, Cookie and I sure am humbled that you found inspiration in my post. God bless you, as well!

  11. Michele

    Oh Wow this is great. My dad got his private pilot’s license when I was a teenager–we bonded over airplanes and that connection is something we will always share that is special. I have such great memories and stories about airplanes and all the characters who fly them. My dad flew until he was 80. He still does airplane mechanic stuff and lives alongside a grass airstrip with several other “airplane poor” retired guys. I’m fortunate to still have my dad around to visit and talk airplanes with.

  12. Tony Arduengo

    Your story brings memories of my airport brat who had no drivers license but was the
    only kid in school with a pilots license. She told me when she learned to drive it seamed
    strange to steer with her hands.
    Sorry for the loss of your dad.
    Regards, Michele`s Dad

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