“Daddy said we should move back to Cape Cod”…It’s About to Hit the Fan

Posted by on January 27, 2012

“Daddy said we should move back to Cape Cod,” my eight year old announced as I got home from shopping on Monday night. Apparently my exasperated sigh was a lot louder than I thought it would be, and I could feel ten eyes on me as I concentrated on lugging in the bags. They all knew what was about to hit the fan.

For years now, this man begged, pleaded, cajoled and tried to guilt me into moving someplace warm – “for the good of the family”. I resisted…after all, I moved back to upstate New York from my beloved Cape Cod to be with my parents. Being an only child, I depended on them to guide and support me.  I was not going to abandon them now! However, my conscience started to eat away at me, and after years of soul-searching – and my mother’s blessing – I was FINALLY able to make peace with my decision and move forward and move all those hours away to where everyone was begging me to move to. And NOW,  out of the blue – I get hit with Cape Cod.

I have no problems with moving back to the Cape, in fact, I have the most incredible memories of living there and I truly would be happy to return to my sleepy little Chatham. But, we have decided on moving somewhere warm and at this point the girls and I have our hearts set on “tropical” Myrtle Beach.

In the meantime, I have been beginning to pack. I found a few empty boxes and a stack of old newspapers. The first thing I have packed up are a bunch – ok, pretty extensive collection – of stuffed frogs and statues of frogs. They are products of a running joke around here. When I did my very first jewelry show, I made the mistake of aiming more to keep up with what was trendy than what I had a passion for making. I was afraid to think out of the box and it showed in my work, it was the same as everyone else and lacked my personal style.

“That is absolutely the cutest frog I have ever seen. How much is he?” a customer would predictably stop and ask about one of the props Randi had been in charge of buying.

(Nervous laughter from me) “He’s NOT for sale. He’s just a display. Although, if you like that frog, I think you will really like this!” (at this time I would point to ANY piece of green jewelry on my table).

“Are you willing to sell the frog?” (maybe I didn’t say the above words out loud??)

“Well, no…he’s actually my good luck charm.” (I tried to muster my best “I’m selling A LOT of jewelry here” smile.)

“Well…good luck then!” Later Randi would admonish me for NOT selling the frogs, at least then I would have made SOME money. A few weeks later at Christmas, I got A LOT of frogs and it’s been that way ever since, I always get a frog (or two or three) on special occasions.

My heart beat really fast as I put the green smiling little guys into the box that would be their home for, well –  a few weeks at the VERY least. It’s my first tangible baby step toward yet another exciting adventure in our lives. Thank you, little froggies for teaching me to expand my visions and not be afraid to try all sorts of new things. Thank you for showing me that if I do what I love, success will follow.

I never did say anything about Cape Cod that evening. I decided to let fate decide for us where we will ultimately end up. Quite frankly, the thought of strolling down Main Street, past all my old haunts, is quite tempting. And a studio overlooking the “true Atlantic” in all her glory – violent Nor’easters and all – does sound VERY appealing. Though, not sure it can compete with warmth in January. So, for the moment, we are packing, and allowing chance to dictate our destiny.

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One Response to “Daddy said we should move back to Cape Cod”…It’s About to Hit the Fan

  1. Sarah Baughman

    I admire you guys! It’s hard to move around– we’ve done a lot of it and the exhaustion comes through sometimes. Ultimately it’s difficult but important to realize that no place is perfect, but some places are better fits than others. I wish you guys all the best…and yes, in January/February poor Cape Cod will probably be at an unfair disadvantage. 😉 Just wait ’til July!

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