Happy Ground Hog Day! I Cheated on Bob.

Posted by on February 2, 2012

I cheated on Bob today.

It was all Randi’s daughter’s fault, actually. I whined to my friend that I am getting rather sick and tired with coffee. With Bob. My days are beginning to feel like the movie “Groundhog Day” in that regard. Hopelessly addicted to the stuff, I am 1 – getting bored and, 2 – getting rather annoyed at the intense headaches I am experiencing when I as much as even skip a “bowl” of coffee. With five kids to raise and home-school and a business to run, sleep can sometimes be a priceless commodity, and my dependence on the hot drink knows no bounds. So, Randi’s daughter suggested green tea.

When I was younger, I was a consummate tea drinker – however my tea of choice was loose Russian Caravan Black Tea which I bought in these delightful tins from Macy’s. I had a set of gorgeous Polish crystal glasses that you would put into ornate silver “cup holders”, and the loose tea would then be put into a tiny strainer and boiling hot water poured over it. The smell was deliciously intense and I could never wait for it to cool before helplessly giving in to take a sip.

Randi’s daughter gently pushed her mother aside as she sat down at the laptop to explain to me how much better green tea is for me. She pooh-poohed my opinion that black tea tasted sweeter, and instead convinced me to focus on all the tremendous benefits of the green kind. For a sixteen year old, she is exceptionally mature and well-spoken, and always a delight to chat with.

“Remember, boiling water for black tea, almost boiling for green. Oh, and Vicky?  Sip it! Don’t gulp it!” Randi lectured as she took over where her child had  just been sitting, “Savor the taste.”

And, so I cheated on Bob. I wish I still had the Russian tea and the crystal tea glasses with their ornate holders, but instead, I settled for a bag of green tea I found hidden in the back of my cabinet – like a forgotten old friend, and my trusty “bowl”.

“Ewwwwww,” my daughters all turned up their noses at the sight of me drinking the tea. Bob was practically a member of our family and  the girls were a bit confused at the change. My youngest daughter, who turns three on Saturday, told me that no-way did she want tea at her party, and my oldest just wrinkled up her nose. Daughter #2 sniffed it, but still refused a sip. I suggested that one of them do their project on all the health benefits of green tea for their upcoming science fair. Yeah, that fell on deaf ears. Really? Tea is the world’s most popular drink? I can’t even get one child to even TRY it!

The cardboard boxes I have started to pack are becoming more numerous as my pursuit of warmth and change is becoming more intense. I am so very much looking forward to a new environment, to new faces and exciting experiences. (Ahem, I’m talking to YOU, Mr. White Shirt and Blue Shorts with all the muscles who was jogging on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk yesterday…)

And so, it doesn’t matter one bit when Phil thinks spring will arrive, because things are heating up for me just fine already.

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2 Responses to Happy Ground Hog Day! I Cheated on Bob.

  1. Teresa Wendel

    We had a coffee maker fiasco this morning–coffee and coffee grounds everywhere and I have no idea why it happened. Maybe Bob has an answer. Until I hear from him, I’ll switch to green tea.
    Thanks for the smiles.

    • NorthernChicky

      Bob says, “maybe he’s just really excited that Valentine’s Day is coming up, and he couldn’t contain himself?”

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