“Hello? I’m in labor, but let me put my make-up on first…”

Posted by on January 20, 2012

My oldest child’s birthday is tomorrow and I will then officially have a teenager in the house.

“Is there anything special you want to do?” I asked her this morning. She shrugged her shoulder in a very grown up way and pushed her blonde hair away from her blue eyes, “Six flags?”

Yep…ANOTHER sign. The girls are pining for – water – the ocean. Daughters # 1 and #2 were both born on Cape Cod. On the day Daughter #1 was born, I looked out the window of my hospital room. It overlooked the water and even though it was a typical New England winter day, a couple of boats were tied to the pier. The golden sun glittered off the rippling water and it was a bit hard to tell what the temperature actually WAS outside.

When Daughter #2 was born, my room again overlooked the water, but it was summer this time, and fun-looking relaxed people sunned themselves on their boats and I clearly remember a champagne toast at sunset that evening in late August. This time the sun reflected off fine crystal and shattered into a million different pieces on deck.

Daughter #3 was born in one of the finest hospitals here in the area, on a day that had something to do with baseball. Playoffs? I clearly remember vying for attention from the hospital staff. They were riveted to the TV and I was screaming that my epidural was NOT working. The medical team cheered.

Daughter #4 was born with the sounds of hooves striking the fertile Saratoga soil…literal stomping grounds of the most beautiful, elegant animals that grace these rolling hills and that define Saratoga County.

Daughter #5

And then, there’s Daughter #5. The one who looks like Shirley Temple and acts like Dennis the Menace. Aside from Daughter #4, all my girls were born about 2 weeks late. So, when my due date came and went, I thought nothing of it. Roughly 10 days later, I was feeling fidgety and restless – surely a warm, relaxing bath would help. The girls were busy with schoolwork and I settled into a deliciously warm lavender bath with a magazine. About half an hour later, I began feeling cramps…prob a good sign I should get out of the tub. They got worse and I FINALLY called my doctor, assuring them that I would get to their office immediately. Immediately after I blow dried my hair, curled it and put my face on. And then I would drive myself – 55 minutes away. The nurse at my doctor’s office laughed at me and asked who else was in the house with me. That’s when the REAL contractions set in, unable to catch my breath I handed the phone to my then 10 year old daughter, and sank to the bathroom floor.

She calmly took the phone and explained that we were the only ones in the house. One woman in labor and 4 little children. The fabulous nurse on the other phone coordinated a phone call between 911 and my daughter who faced delivering her baby sister in the bathroom. There was NO WAY I could even take a single step. I was NOT leaving that bathroom.

Everything after that is pretty much a blur. The baby came out perfectly fine, seconds after my husband came home and caught the baby’s head before it hit the bathroom tile. And my favorite memory is hearing the EMS say, as they administered smelling salts to my husband who was now laying passed out a few feet away from me, “Sir? Sir???!!! Are YOU alright?”

Daughter #1 was the first the hold the baby. And she was completely grossed out because she had grabbed her most favorite blanket to catch the baby in and it was looking anything but “fresh” now. Later, in the hospital, she begged to have me throw it away. Today, it’s one of her most prized possessions. The bond between my oldest and my youngest is truly beautiful.

This move to Myrtle Beach is very similar to this birth. It’s a brand new experience and we will all enjoy each second of this new phase of our lives. This milestone that we are about to embark on is simply another one of God’s wonders…he’s opening up another door for us.

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42 Responses to “Hello? I’m in labor, but let me put my make-up on first…”

  1. Linda

    Funny and cute! I liked this and laughed about the husband and the EMT.

  2. monica

    An experience you’ll always remember… beautiful!

  3. NanaDoll

    enjoyed reading this–men have their usefulness in many ways–most fail at childbirth when it slaps them upside the head

  4. Tracy

    What a marvelous post! And 5 girls??? I can barely handle my two! Glad I found your blog.

    • NorthernChicky

      Hi, Tracy! Sometimes they drive me crazy…the blog is cheap therapy! I am thrilled you are enjoying my blog and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  5. Laurie Buchanan

    Ya gotta love it!

  6. strongandcute

    Way too funny about your husband needing smelling salts! Good thing it was AFTER he caught the baby!

    Congrats on having a teenager. Isn’t that thought weird? My eldest just turned 13 a few days ago. Amazing how fast it goes.

    • NorthernChicky

      I know…was def a strange sensation when she hit the teens! Not sure I like it…lol.

  7. strongandcute

    Oh, by the way, when I was ready to deliver my second son, I made sure I put on some makeup too! Granted, I had an epidural so I wasn’t screaming for him to come out, but still…. Those pictures of me after my first… (((shudder))). Having the flu didn’t help.

  8. Kim Terry

    Thoroughly loved this one! When I was pregnant with my second, my first was only 15.5 months old. Would you believe I was coaching him in the simplest language possible, in what to tell the 911 operator if “Mommy” should be going into labor? Must’ve had a lot of faith in that kid.

    When we showed Tam his baby brother, he looked at the red-faced, squalling prune, shook his head, and toddled away. Still, they became the best of buds.

  9. Kim Terry

    Oh, and may I add that their daddy, who had put up such a fight to be in in the delivery room with me (in CA, 1970) passed out when the big moment came and had to be ushered out. Loved it!

  10. fivesecondrules

    I love hearing birth stories. I can’t imagine having one at home…especially accidentally!
    And probs to having 5 girls! I can’t imagine what your house is like! 🙂

    I LOVE your blogs. Look forward to them everyday. I can’t wait for you to move down here…and get around all these southerners…I’m interested to see what you think 🙂 I am a very “northern chicky” as well.

    • NorthernChicky

      I cannot wait to get down there, as well. I listen to talk radio from MB every morning and it is just making me want to move even sooner (as if Feb weather in NY wasn’t enough motivation). Thanks for the kind words and glad you are enjoying my blog!

  11. Kelly

    That’s amazing! I can’t even imagine. We joke about how after my water broke, I had enough time before my oldest son was born that I could have driven from southern Oregon to a hospital in Denver… Not a quick labor.
    What a story you have!

  12. Emily

    Love it. Great story about hubby catching baby!

  13. Andrea Kruck

    Wow, cool birth story! Five daughters, goodness me things are going to be fun in your household when they are all teenagers. Can’t wait to read more.

  14. Susie Lindau (@SusieLindau)

    What a great story! Your #1 daughter was so brave!

  15. Kate Crimmins

    Really great story.

  16. Fawn

    I love that story! With my fourth child I had false labor for about 5 months. On the day before he was born I was having contractions . . . . AGAIN. I was so angry that I cleaned my entire house moving furniture and large appliances determined that these contractions would be productive. By about 11 pm that night they were still just annoying so out of sheer spite and disgust I shaved my legs. My son was born about 10 hours later . . . . LOL.

  17. Fawn

    I think that pregnancy stories like yours should be shared. I’m glad my ex could handle watching and participating in the delivery of four of our five children.

    I have actually become a family legend where pregnancy is concerned. I got stuck getting into my car and couldn’t get out. For the full story check out my blog http://myoxisamoron.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/. It is a story that is oft repeated and caused my little sister to laugh so hard she was unable to stand up or breath.

  18. Tess Kann

    Loved your story. Ahh the memories of childbirth. I only had ONE and that was a hundred years ago but I remember it well.

  19. Jen

    Beautiful story. I just found you, since you just found me. #5 is beautiful! I’m sure the others are too.

  20. Red

    I have put makeup on in the labor room when I had to go from someplace I would not have wore makeup. Who wants a plain face in all the pictures?

    Nice to meet you. You have almost as many as I do.

  21. Michele

    Hi there,
    I’m up with strep kindly shared with me by my daughter. I saw that you visited Grits and Purls so I thought I would check out your blog. What a great birth story! I love your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.

    • NorthernChicky

      Thank you, Michele and glad you are enjoying it. 4/5 of my brood have a bug of some sort, so I was up several times last night myself applying Vicks and tending to them in various fashions.

  22. merelymothers

    Wow! Five girls! What a blessing. They all sound so unique and distinctive. I love that about children. They can come from the same parents and be completely different people. You sound like one tough mama, driving yourself in labor! Wow!!

  23. Fabulous Mommy

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I just love your birth stories. Mine was uneventful. I didn’t even go into labour. I can’t imagine giving birth at home by accident. If I had had a singleton pregnancy rather than twins I would have had a planned home birth but alas it wasn’t meant to be.

    I’ll be following your blog.


  24. Leslie

    Hi, My 1st daughter (of 5 children 3 girls, 2 boys) was born nine weeks early in an ambulance on the way to hospital. I didn’t realize I was in labor since was not time for her to be born and I had had a lot of abdominal pain during the pregnancy, (not related to the pregnancy). All those birthing memories, the funny parts and the hard parts, wouldn’t trade them for any thing! Thanks for sharing yours.

  25. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    Precious story. Beautiful memory. (I won’t even take my trash out before I put on makeup and fix my hair.)

  26. janet

    My husband didn’t pass out at the birth of either of our two daughters (and he was in the room with me) but he did say it’s a good thing God let women have the children because it would kill a man. 🙂

    I enjoyed your story. Thanks for stopping by my blog. As Ahhhnold said, “I’ll be back.”

  27. Noell

    I love hearing birth stories! With 5 babies you’re bound to have at least one that’s a bit out of the ordinary!
    Our 4th baby (turning 1 on April Fool’s Day no less) was also born at home by accident. Like you, I had no intention of leaving the bathroom once things started. Luckily my husband was there as well! He’s a firefighter so this was an exciting thing for him to do and he couldn’t wait to share the story at the firestation.

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