Holy Moley, Canoli!!!

Posted by on March 31, 2012

Holy Moley Canoli!! In only about 60 days I have gathered well over ten thousand readers in more than 60 countries! Thank you so much to all the people that took some time out of their busy day to look into my little world and, hopefully, get a little giggle, or perhaps forget something they’re trying to forget.

AND and BIG thank you to all those that left me such warm and kind comments. I don’t get to answer them all, but just know they are VERY much appreciated!

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3 Responses to Holy Moley, Canoli!!!

  1. Patteroftinyfeet

    Your jewelry is beautiful and well done on your blog- its fantastic. Much love on your journey- did you get your tangerine pashmina back!?

    • NorthernChicky

      Eventually I did, yes….lol. And thank you for the compliment on my jewelry. I have spent the last year redoing my line and slowly but surely am getting it up onto a my new site.

  2. Marta

    Wow, ten thousand! That’s really great! Congrats!

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