“I Think I Need to Lick it First…”

Posted by on February 10, 2012

There are some things I simply REFUSE to do.

My best friend, Randi, however, will do them. I suppose that’s how she landed her “new guy” Mike, she just starting dating.

She goes to sci-fi movies…and actually likes them. (Not me!) She’s into fantasy football. (Again, NOT me.) And she enjoys golfing. She took me once. It made my face hurt. Long story short…I “chunked”…a LOT…(apparently that’s when you hit the ground – hard– instead of the ball), days after having my wisdom teeth removed.

Mike and Randi have known each other for a very, very long time – at one point even being business partners – so this relationship has my blessing. Tonight, he’s taking her to a wine tasting fund-raiser in Myrtle Beach and she has been on a ferocious hunt for shoes to go with the purple dress she bought earlier in the week. Royal purple velvet, strapless, and slit up to here…Mike won’t stand a chance.

Today I am going through boxes and boxes of our shoes. There is no way I am bringing these old soles with us to either Cape Cod or Myrtle Beach when we move. Ballet slippers, tap shoes, cleats, heels, boots,espadrilles, flip-flops, flats, wedges, sneakers and slippers – all colors and all sizes. (And smells….YUCK! Who knew girls’ feet could smell SOOOOO bad??)

In one of the boxes was a small sparkly pair of pink princess sneakers – Daughter#4’s (the six year old), from back when she was about two and a half – three years old. On the left shoe was a brown smudge, and in an instant, I was transported back in time.

We were at this really great little shop called The Peanut Principle in Latham, on a boiling August afternoon. Besides having all sorts of nuts and dried fruit and chocolates that they make on site, they also have an ice cream window that boasts an impressive number of flavors. At that time I was seven months pregnant with Daughter #5 and I waddled up to the window and ordered. Good ol’ chocolate cones – four of them. And one in a cup.

An ungodly shriek cut the heavy, humid air, “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” my littlest screamed, every eyeball (as usual) trained on us, “I want mine in a CONE!!!! I want mine in a CONE!!! I want mine in a CONE!!!”

And against my better judgement, I changed my order to “five chocolate CONES, please”, already feeling the “oh crap, that was really dumb” sensation settling over me.

We waited, as patiently as a family with four little kids under ten, can wait in the grueling heat – fanning ourselves as we played keep away with the bees. FINALLY…………the cones were ready and we retrieved our frozen delights.

“I wanna do it myself,” my littlest whined, “me!! me!!”

“Sweetheart, let me show you how to hold it properly,” I smiled.

“NO!” she snatched the cone out of my hand and turned her back to me, hiding her precious ice cream.

She didn’t eat her cone, just peeked over her shoulder, watching her sisters and me enjoy ours. Within a moment, the chocolate started dribbling down her cone and coating her hands. And her new sneakers.

“Darling,” I grabbed a handful of napkins and attempted to clean her up a little, “I think I need to lick it first, otherwise we are going to have a complete mess here. Give it to me.”

Again, “NO!!” from the little, ahem, “angel”.

I tried every trick I had learned from the previous three girls when confronted with the same situation, and eventually, she thrust out her hand – at exactly the same moment as I was lowering my face to her level. Chocolate ice cream exploded ALL OVER my face, my hair…all over everything. I was a complete mess. And we laughed so hard. It was certainly an interesting drive home – it was such a fun day.

I closed the top to the box with the little sneakers. Sigh….the years are flying by sooo quickly. Toooooo quickly. I really need to learn to listen to those, “oh crap, that was really dumb” sensations. And soon – way before I have FIVE teenage girls in the house.

A quick P.S. to Mike…roses, Dude, just sayin’….they’ll help YOU avoid that  “oh crap, that was really dumb” sensation.

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14 Responses to “I Think I Need to Lick it First…”

  1. Kim Terry

    Wonderful story! I, by the way, have two grown sons, but your story about your daughters and the chocolate ice cream took me back to my years with two little boys.

  2. Clutterbug

    All I can say is……..hahhahahahaha, who hasn’t worn more of their kid’s food than the child ate at some point or another!! Well written, fun to read 🙂 Great Job!!!

  3. Sandi

    How funny, we just bought new shoes for my 6 year old minutes before reading this. They are still velcro, but Puple, with silver sparkle all over and a butterfly where the velcro meets. SHE LOVES THEM! Yeah!

    5 girls? MY! First of all 5 children and then for them all to be girls. Then again, it could be all boys! 🙂 My friend and her husband had 3 girls and after that they called it quits. They were afraid no boys were coming.

    Luckily, we had a boy and then a girl DONE. Thank you God!

    Lake Forest, CA

    • NorthernChicky

      How funny is that, Sandi! We have alot of fun. I have TRULY been blessed!

  4. Kelly Lucia

    I have a white Tinkerbell dress, which was my oldest daughter’s favorite dress when she was 2, that has one of those chocolate ice cream stains (even after a bunch of washings). I’ll never forget watching her sitting at one of the picnic tables at Rita’s, little feet dangling a few inches above the ground, trying to catch the drips with her tongue (with a notable lack of success) before burying her face in the cone, trying to grab the frozen custard in her teeth, then wiping her hands and face all over her dress before my husband or I could ply our handfuls of napkins. Our baby guy will probably take his first crack at a cone this summer . . . I think I’ll have to remember to lick it first 😉

    • NorthernChicky

      Too funny…love your description!! And yes…sadly that is one stain that is a real challenge to get out (looks so easy on the commercials!!!)

  5. Tess Kann

    My daughter was about six months old when we stopped for cones one hot summer day. Instead of giving me the plain vanilla “baby” cone FIRST, the server handed me mine (butter pecan). Well the baby went for it or tried to and we had a tug of war standing in line with her screaming at the top of her lungs. I tried to get her to take a lick to pacify her, careful that she not bite into a pecan. Long story short, we finally were getting into the car and tried to switch cones. I yelled at my husband to put a blanket over the front seat while I hung on to the outraged baby. Thank good for the blanket. It saved us a little cleanup after the vanilla ice cream shot through the air like a cannon.

    Love your stories.

  6. DanielleNicoleWrites

    Thank you so much for the follow. I love your stories. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

  7. Teresa Wendel

    I hope you kept those little shoes!

  8. Chris9911

    Thats the exact reason why its so difficult to throw away any of my kids stuff in the trash. I went through piles of baby clothing the other day, and I had the same “zen” moment when I came across the little tiny baseball cap, the kind with little flexible bear ears on top, when my oldest was only 3months old. Isn’t it crazy how you wish they would grow up quickly, smart, & strong, but at the same time you want them to remain the same. Nice post.

    • NorthernChicky

      It does seem to go by so quickly, Chris. Can’t believe my oldest is 13 already.

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