“Mommy, How Long After We Get to Myrtle Beach Before We Start Talking Funny?”

Posted by on January 5, 2012

OK, perhaps googling “Myrtle Beach” and then watching an eyewitness account of the 2001 tornado there, this morning, was NOT the best way to introduce my five children – ages 12 and under – to the idea of moving to South Carolina. Needless to say, I think I ended up being scared gobs more than they were.

“How AWESOME was THAT, Mommy?” “Do you think fish got SUCKED out of the sea and DUMPED all over the place?” (picture, if you will, a two year old, a six year old and an eight year old, dancing around my kitchen…pretend sprinkling “fish parts” all over) “What about sharks? Did any of THEM get sucked out of the sea and dumped into any lakes?” The questions came fast and furious, and my mind was a tornado all it’s own wondering if I was making the correct executive decision here…uprooting our family – five daughters – from ice-encrusted upstate New York to balmy South Carolina.

I am so absolutely thrilled the girls are on board with this plan. Life is short. New York is cold. Myrtle Beach is not. By lunchtime, my little scholars had all sorts of facts they had taken upon themselves to google. Between mouthfuls of warming tomato soup and rice (the temp outside is low 30’s), they excitedly threw things at me like, “Did you know South Carolina ranks number 9 in the world for shark attacks?” (um…no, I did not), and, “Did you know that 40 DIFFERENT kinds of sharks live in the waters there?” (freakin’ great…first tornadoes, now sharks), “And Ma!!!! What about the HURRICANES?”. Slowly all THOSE ‘delightful’ facts morphed into, “I wonder if they have malls there?” and “Do you think I’m old enough for a two-piece yet?”

I am happy to report, that tonight, as I tucked all my babies into their beds, they are walking on air. We all are. We are ready to explore this beautiful world around us – to make a new start and spread our wings. I can hear them whispering and giggling – planning “stuff” in their rooms. Not having access to their computer for answers after bedtime, I find myself being summoned a ridiculous number of times to answer their questions.

“We’re gonna drive, right?” Yep.

“How many hours will it take for us to get there?”

“About 14,” I answered, and then remembering 5 girls and bathroom stops, quickly changed my answer to, “more like 16.”

“Is it true they call grocery carts “buggies” there?” Hmmm….gonna have to google that one and get back to you.

“Mommy, How Long After We Get to Myrtle Beach Before We Start Talking Funny?”

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16 Responses to “Mommy, How Long After We Get to Myrtle Beach Before We Start Talking Funny?”

  1. Tyler M

    Good luck with your move, Vicky! I have been to MB a couple of times myself on vacation when I was younger and loved it there! I am sure you and your kids will, too!

  2. NorthernChicky

    Thank you so much Tyler! I’m sure as long as there is beach and water, we’re golden! (oh, and a mall 😉

  3. SuYerry

    You will love Myrtle Beach. I lived there for 6 1/2 years, and just moved back home to Holden Beach, NC which is about 40 minutes from MB. I loved Myrtle Beach, everything you could ever need is within just a few miles. The Summers are great, but the winters are still kinda cold, we even had Snow once during the time I lived there. Most of my family also lives in NY and I have some friends who relocated to MB about 5 years ago and they are loving it here. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck and hope everything goes well with your move. May you have a safe trip.

    PS Tell your kids it actually takes a really long time before you start talking funny, so not to worry…LOL. My cousins in NY always pick on me, they say they love to hear me talk. They call me their little Southern Belle, lol.

  4. NorthernChicky

    Hello Su!

    Thank you very much for your kind words!! We are really starting to get into the swing of things here and the excitement is rapidly rising. It’s reassuring to know that so many people are in love with it!

    I wish you an incredibly FUN Saturday!


  5. Fivesecondrules

    I moved from philly to charlotte ten years ago and even though it is a transplant city I was not prepared for the culture shock! I love it though. Good luck!

    • NorthernChicky

      From what I hear about MB, it sounds similar, but not as big as Charlotte and more laid back being right on the ocean and a tourist town. Hopefully the shock won’t be too bad! (I will trade culture shock for NY winters though!!)

  6. Jakk

    Good luck with your move, you are going to love SC! I moved from NJ to SC last year and I will never move back North again. Best move of my life.

  7. Rachel

    Enjoy your move to SC! Don’t worry, it’s a fun place to live, we have tons of malls, and it takes forever to pick up a Southern accent. I moved to SC when I was eight and lived there for 16 years, and I’m on my way back soon. My northern friends think I sound Southern, and my Southern friends think I sound like a northerner. But hey, I learn from the accents I live with, and my parents are from upstate NY and PA. Ever been to Alfred, NY?

    I’ve never lived at the beach, but we don’t really get THAT many hurricanes, or at least ones that do damage. And I really wonder where your kids get their shark statistics. That probably means someone gets nipped every five years or so. I’ve never even seen a shark at our beaches, though a northern friend caught one once, when he went fishing (it was a little bigger than a normal-sized fish).

    Enjoy the sun, the Southern accents, and try to give grits a chance. : ) I still prefer oatmeal, but I will now admit that a FEW people can make grits that don’t taste like sand.

    • NorthernChicky

      Hi, Rachel!

      I have not been to Alfred, I am afraid. As to the accents, my friend Randi has lived there for over 10 years now and she doesn’t sound any different, so I have to agree with you on the time it takes. I have never had grits, but I am def looking forward to experiencing the southern cuisine.

      As to the hurricanes and sharks…my daughters aren’t the only ones a little nervous in that department!!

  8. Laurie Buchanan

    Oh my gosh — what a FUN household. Five daughters — that’s a LOT of estrogen!

  9. Holls and Lolah

    The northern states sure are different than the southern states, but you will soon get used to it, and even grow to love it. I worked very hard to get rid of my southern accent. And yes, they do call shopping carts “buggies”. 🙂

  10. Stephen

    I lived in Richmond, VA for a couple of years and was a semi-regular at Myrtle Beach and loved it! As a Scot and it took me about a month until I started talking funny… loosing the ‘y’all’ was the hardest thing to do when I moved home!

  11. Kate

    I moved from Michigan to South Carolina, yes they call them buggies, and say ya’ll. While it took me an incredible amount of time to start talking slightly funny, my children picked right up on. It is strange to me, somehow I always imagined anyone I gave birth to would always sound like me.

  12. Tess Kann

    I haven’t been to Myrtle Beach myself but hear the weather’s grand.

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