“Mommy? Why Do You Get to Eat Chicken Wings for Breakfast?”

Posted by on February 27, 2012

“Mommy? Why do you get to eat chicken wings for breakfast?” asked a sleepy little voice this morning.

Yikes! I hate it when they sneak up on you when you’re just in that moment of private delight. Like right now, when I was getting ready to eat my spicy leftover chicken wings before the girls woke up and claimed it for themselves. And the quarter of a container full of Overloaded Caramel ice cream I was going to devour next.

“Want one?” I held out a generous brick-red colored, hot-sauce covered drumstick and offered it to her, hoping it would bribe the six year old to be quiet. Instead, it activated the megaphone in her mouth and she invited all her sisters downstairs to share.

At least, I still had my ice cream that I had managed to hide in a deep, dark corner of my freezer, still wrapped up in the plastic bag from the store. I could already taste the gooey caramel.

As the group attacked the wings, Daughter #2 – my child with a bottomless pit for a stomach, started to pout, “Mommy! There aren’t enough wings to go around!” she held up the empty take-out container,  “can we have the leftover ice cream?”


I am not a breakfast food person. Unless it’s bacon. Then, I am a HUGE breakfast fan.

Unfortunately, after an extremely busy weekend filled with time in my studio, bowling, basketball games, playing “spa” while watching sappy movies on Netflix with the girls, and packing – I did not get to go do my grocery shopping and my cupboards are bare. Except for breakfast cereals.

“I want the kind that look like little cookies,” the three year old informed me, “and that’s the kind I want. No oatmeal.”

Sigh…yes, I have THAT kind of cereal in my pantry – mainly because it’s REALLY FUN to use as a learning tool, especially with the smaller kids. (OK, ssshhhh….. I happen to like them too…)

I had Randi on Skype so she watched the bedlam in my kitchen, “Ya know,” she said, “one breakfast food I am going to have to make for you guys when you get down here is “Sausage Cheese Grits”. I’ve never tried that before and she told me she used Gouda cheese and hot sauce and mixed that with grits and some other stuff to make something that she assured me I would LOVE.

“Have you made it for Steve yet?” I asked and watched her blush.

“Vicky, you know I don’t cook for a man until we’ve been seeing each other for at least six months.” Randi is a phenomenal cook and her luck with men has been that once they taste her cooking, they don’t want to go out to restaurants anymore. And well, she does enjoy going out.

“But Mike’s had it,” she confessed.

Somehow, I am NOT surprised, and I think the two will end up together in the end. Having a beautiful wedding on the beach, lots of exotic flowers and elegance – and then riding off into the sunset on white horses.

A screech pierced my romantic thoughts, propelling me into the living room like a bullet.

“She stole my Slinky!” my six year old wailed from one end of the room, her stretched-out toy spanning clear across the room to the three year old who was attached to the other end by one hand – the other hand holding a fistful of the cookie cereal. “Make her let go!”

“It’s MY toy,” the blue-eyed curly-haired moppet said before popping a tiny cookie in her mouth, “and you can’t have it.”

The stand-off continued until the little one decided she needed both hands to eat the cereal and let go of the Slinky. It flew through the air in the blink of an eye and predictably hit the six year old square in the face, cutting her lip.

“There,” said the three year old as she skipped away, “you can have it now.”


The Slinky did not survive the tug-of-war – it kinked up in the middle and it just wouldn’t go down the stairs properly again. It ended up in a box of doll limbs, old coloring books, broken crayon bits and some refrigerator letters that no longer stuck. Basically the junk box. The one to which I came back half an hour later…only to find that my youngest now has dubbed it her “treasure chest” and refuses to let me throw it out.

Now, before my girls get any wilder from cookie cereal overdose, I need to go clip my coupons and decide which girls to bring grocery shopping with me this afternoon. The daughters who will encourage me to buy Oreos and Doritos, or the ones who bug me to try new fruits and vegetables…?

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16 Responses to “Mommy? Why Do You Get to Eat Chicken Wings for Breakfast?”

  1. Linda

    Good one! As a mother of three, the scenes are familiar. Only I had to sneak leftover shrimp and cheese cake before they were discovered.

  2. Tess Kann

    I was brought up with four sisters. I remember the bedlam. And your breakfast! That’s funny but I know t-r-u-e to life.

  3. Emma

    Pizza over here, I’m also not a breakfast person unless it’s bacon lol.

  4. melisa

    I absolutely loved that. Usually when my kids were little it was left over pizza or turkery tacos. My youngest was the wings fanatic. Thanks for sharing

  5. reverend61

    This has made me laugh. A lot. Because you can never keep the good stuff to yourself: they always smell it. I think it’s like a radar. I once heard a wise woman say “Effective parenting is the ability to covertly eat a packet of potato chips while squatting in the entrance of a corner cupboard.”

    (P.S. My wife has a collection of slinkies, metal and plastic. I wouldn’t mind, but we live in a bungalow.)

    • NorthernChicky

      LMAO….ok, that is indeed a wise woman speaking. And they do seem to have a sixth sense about these things. Radar does indeed seem to play a role.

  6. heather

    You’re nicer than I am. I horde my treats and leftovers. THOSE are mommas! 🙂 Though, we are breakfast people so there are always plenty of other options so it all works out!

  7. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    PIZZA!!! My son, the early riser, always snagged the leftover piece for breakfast. One time, however, I beat him to it. Then I found a triangle-shaped block of wood, wrapped it up in the foil, and put it in the fridge for him to discover upon arising. Memories!
    Adorable pics of your girls.

    • NorthernChicky

      Thank you for the compliment, Teresa! And yes, as I stated to an earlier commenter…pizza is indeed the breakfast of champions!

  8. Audra

    I love it! I sneak Oreos but the kiddos usually catch me mid-stuff. It’s always a question, “mommy, what are you doing?” Guilty look and all, I reply, “nuffin” (mouth full of Oreos). Then there’s my husband, who will somehow manage to count the Oreos before he leaves for work and comes home to count them again…either that or he weighs them…because he always asks, “who ate all the Oreos?”. More guilty looks from me until I point my finger at the kids. “I gave them some at lunch!” and I quietly add, “and had a few myself” when he is out of ear shot. 😀 Sneak away, momma!
    When do you move down to the South?

    • NorthernChicky

      That is classic…lol! And I have to confess that Oreos are DEF a weakness of mine, as well (and Randi’s, too!).

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