Reader Appreciation Award!

Posted by on May 8, 2012


I am delighted and tickled pink that Lynn from LYNNLOVESEDITING nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award! The feeling that comes with being nominated is what truly turns our words into works of art and let’s me know my passion for this medium is appreciated.

With this award, I get to share with you something I’ve been up to and my nominations for this award.


The girls guilted me managed to persuade me  into allowing them to get gerbils. And so, Oli and Parker have taken up residence in Daughter#1’s bedroom and the constant stream of visitors coming to see them is driving her insane. My peace-keeping abilities are really being put the test here. (And I am also keeping my fingers crossed that they are indeed two males and not one of each.)


MY SIX NOMINATIONS FOR THE READER APPRECIATION AWARD…  (Please take some time to visit them and check-out their awesome content!)

Traveling Retired – An incredible travel journal (in Poland right now!!)

The Random Path – Superb money saving blog (the more money I save, the more toys I can buy, and we  certainly LOVE toys in this house!!)


Rendezvous With Renee – Funny Stuff!!!!!!

random acts of writing (+ ART) – Cape Cod loveliness

Sacred Meetings in Stillness – Inspirational Blog


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4 Responses to Reader Appreciation Award!

  1. Rose Byrd

    Congratulations on this fine award. I am pleased to learn about these other blogs, as well!

  2. Tess Kann

    Congratulations, Vicky!

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