Tinkerbell and Tampax

Posted by on February 8, 2012

My day began quite early this morning with the frustrated grunts of my three year old. She SEEMED to be playing nicely by herself upstairs in her bedroom (Legos?) – no need to check on her. I could just relax in bed and enjoy the last few minutes of darkness before the sun brightened up my world. The grunts turned into whining. And then into sobbing.

“MOMMMMMYYYYY!!!” she cried and I jumped out of bed. All sorts of horrific scenes raced through my mind.

She met me at her doorway, tears dripping down her cheeks, “They don’t work, Mommy. None of the glow sticks work and the wings won’t stick to Barbie’s back!” She grabbed my hand and led to her bed, “Look. See, Mommy? I wanted to make all the Barbies into fairies and give them magic wands. Just like Tinkerbell.” She picked up a “glow stick” to show me, “See, Mommy? I tried breaking all of them but none of them will work! NO FAIR!!”

The Culprit - Daughter #5

Piled neatly in the corner of her bed, were 36 tampons, all broken in half. And in a pile next to those, were pads, the tapes torn off and they were now stuck to her princess blanket. Two dozen Barbies were posed neatly in a row, and I must have had one perplexed look, because my daughter went on to explain that they were earning their wings and wands, “You know Mommy, like in Harry Potter.”

My six year old woke up when I burst out laughing, “What are those things anyway, Mommy?” she asked. Thankfully, Bob saved me. I wasn’t awake enough yet to go dig out that anatomy book they spent an inordinate amount of time giggling over the other day.

And all along, I thought THIS is what a wand looked like!

“Speaking of wands,” Randi said after I told her my little adventure, “I think I may have waved mine and found something you’ll be very interested in not far from Surfside.” She just wanted to swing by it later this morning after she went dress shopping. Mike, her “friend” (ahem Randi), is taking her to a wine tasting fund-raiser this weekend and she just has to get a purple dress. “I have nothing new in purple and this is the perfect opportunity to get something.” Her wardrobe is three times as large as mine, and I really can’t complain about mine at all. Thank God we’re the same size.

And now, having been properly “serviced” by Bob the coffeemaker, I am ready to tackle cleaning up all the broken “wands and wings”. And then I will check the calendar – to make sure no one will be needing them until my next shopping trip….


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20 Responses to Tinkerbell and Tampax

  1. Chloe Brewer

    This is so funny! My 17 month old son is also intrigued by tampons, very weird! Obviously as soon as I see him get the box and tip them over the floor then I take them away but he still manages to find where I hide them! Weird how they think they are toys!

    • NorthernChicky

      You just never know what they are going to get into next. It was a hilarious scene to walk into though!!!! I wish I had snapped off a pic, but hadn’t yet had my coffee and wasn’t thinking.

  2. Lydia

    This made me laugh! Isn’t it funny what they will play with?

  3. Josh

    Worked at a computer store, co-worker (single mother of a 18-24 month old boy) had been having issues with playing CD’s….. Took a new drive with, but opened the old one up, it worked fine once the tampon was removed from it.

  4. Piyali

    Hahahahaha, this is sooooo funny. Love how creative kids are! I can just imagine the expression on your face! Thank you for following my blogs:)! Appreciate it!

    • NorthernChicky

      It was an interesting morning and definitely a story that will live forever…lol. Thanks for stopping by, Piyali!

  5. Crystal Rayne

    Oh lord, yep been there. You see I have 7 children, 6 girls and 1 boy. It was the boy who stuck a tampon in each shoes with the strings hanging out the back thinking they were foot deodorizers. Don’t ask because I have no idea ๐Ÿ™‚

    • NorthernChicky

      OMG!!! That is too funny! Thank you for sharing, Crystal. I had an earlier suggestion of them being used for illumination in dark purses and now know they can be used to deodorize footwear. Who knew?

  6. Glip

    Too funny! I can see my girls (3 and 5) doing something similar. Thanks for the laugh – I’ll be stopping by for more! And thanks for following my blog.

    • NorthernChicky

      It was indeed a riot. You never know what you may wake up to on a given morning!

  7. elaineR.N.

    Hi. I am one of the Tampax women’s health experts and came across your post. Kids provide the best stories. Thanks for the laugh. Elaine Plummer

  8. Jennifer

    Your story is hilarious. It reminded me of when I was young and my mom had a friend visiting. My little sister came into the living room with just the two-piece cardboard applicator. She was pretending it was a lipstick. I was old enough to be mortified. I just hope she didn’t get it out of the garbage.

  9. Amber

    That is hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. TJWillard

    Amazing!!! I can easily picture everything you described – my only complaint is that there were no pictures … this was definitly a moment where the camera should have made an appearance. Just think of how mortified she would have been when you reminded her of her creativity at her wedding!!!

    So glad you found MY blog, so that I could find yours!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. melody

    Thanks for stopping by my wacky blog. I saw this post listed as a suggestion for yours. Thank you for the laugh. When my Bella was 2, she got a hold of a nearly new box of pantiliners (“stickers”) and while I was busy in the kitchen, stucke every single one on her pink tricycle. Toddlers’ creativity is such a joy! Back to unpacking!

    • NorthernChicky

      They are a great decorative tool….lol. Thanks for sharing, Melody!

  12. Marusia

    When we were children, me and my cousin used to play with my auntโ€™s pads – to us, they were pillows for our dolls!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!

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