“Chopped Testicles, Mommy? Are You Delighted?”

Posted by on May 7, 2012

First of all – Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to anyone who has a child in their life since we are all always teaching them lessons through our words and our actions.

I had the wonderful luxury of staying in my big, puffy bed and snuggling all weekend 😉 .

OK, that translates into – I was (still am) annoyingly sick with a fever and chest cold and basically everything I normally have to do needs to be done from bed.

The girls and I cuddled on my bed (“Sound of Music” style) and talked about our move to the ocean for most of the weekend. Cape Cod and Myrtle Beach dominate a good chunk of our lives at this point!

It’s amazing how quickly my box of tissues transformed into seagulls, ocean foam, sailboats and towels for Barbie dolls and stuffed animals. As the sun streaming in through the windows warmed us, we laughed our way through games of “Quelf” and “Smart Ass” and “Uno”. The girls laughter was better than all the other medicines I was taking.

Three-year-old Daughter #5’s current favorite word is “delighted”. “I have Uno, Mommy – are you delighted?” “Watch what I can make Barbie do, Mommy – are you delighted?” “I washed my own cup, Mommy – are you delighted?”

As mealtimes came around, my older girls took over, they looked up recipes, prepared and delivered the food to me (with the help of, of course, the little ones!) and I never knew what to expect. And by Sunday night, they needed a break from kitchen duty.

“Can we get Ted’s Fish Fry, Mommy?” Daughter #1 begged after one session of playing real-estate agent with all sorts cardboard homes perched on top of popsicle sticks built strategically around my bed.

We all agreed that was what we wanted and soon trays on my bed had paper-wrapped items everywhere along with containers of “chowdah”.

“What did you get?” Daughter #3 (eight years old) asked me.

I opened the bag in front of me and pulled out a yummy deep-fried ring and offered it to her. Big surprised that she wrinkled her nose and scooted to the end of my bed, far away from it.

Daughter #5 wasn’t shy, she took it from me and sniffed it (her new thing to do with everything).

“What is this, Mommy?”

“It’s calamari, love-dove, why don’t you try it?”

She was just about to shove the delicious morsel in her mouth when her four sisters gasped and screeched “EEEWWWWWWWWWW” in unison.

“DONT!!” Daughter #3 cried, “you know what that is?”

More sniffing on Daughter #5’s part and a vigorous shake of her blond curls.

“It’s chopped up squid tentacles,” I blurted out.

“Chopped testicles, Mommy? Are you delighted?”

And so, I put yet another wrinkle into my three year old’s brain. I taught her another wonderful tidbit of information.

I really LOVE being a teacher. Almost, as much as I LOVE being a Mom.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

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9 Responses to “Chopped Testicles, Mommy? Are You Delighted?”

  1. Ashley Davidson-Fisher

    Very sweet. I have 4 kids and remember when they were little and said the most funny things. We up and moved them to France form California when they were still young and so I completely understand what life is like to move with a troop.
    I know this is a cliche, but enjoy them while they are young. I goes by so fast!

  2. Tess Kann

    Kids say the most innocent things. Sorry you’re not up to snuf yet.

    BTW, I received THREE copies of this post. Just FYI.

    • NorthernChicky

      Hi, Tess! My apologies…we were having a few technical challenges today. And I am through the worst of it now as far as my cold (I hope!!)

  3. Helen Kemp

    The title of the post made me very curious. Next time I eat Calamari I will giggle.

  4. Rose Byrd

    I truly, truly did not see that translation from “tentacle” into “testicle” coming! Wonderful story-telling AND teaching skills you exhibit here,Vicky!

  5. Arnel

    They say the funniest things, don’t they? 🙂 Very cute.

  6. Ingrid Heineman

    So glad to have found your blog. I would give anything to leave the Midwest and go back to California with my 3 children. You do not appreciate what you have, until you no longer have it. I grew up around and on the beach, so to me it was not a big deal, it was all I knew. But now that I do not have it, I sure do miss it. I wish you and your family a lifetime of memories!!! Enjoy!!

  7. Pamela Zimmer (Stories of a Mom)

    Too funny! I love how kids repeat words in their own translation. 🙂 Hope you feel better soon.

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