Honey, Don’t Drip Water On the Floor – There’ll Be Weird Clean Spots…

Posted by on May 17, 2012

During storms I like to light candles. And turn off all the lights. And enjoy feeling the raw power of Mother Nature envelope me – filling my senses.

My five girls sit by the windows, watching and waiting. Watching the raindrops plunge heavily downward, using the grass and flowers and little red wagon as trampolines. Waiting for my “OK” (for the lightning and thunder to pass) to run outside – barefoot, of course – and cover each other with globs of mud and then rinse that mud off in the torrential downpour.

I know I should use this time when they go outside to tidy up the inside. Five girls trying to occupy themselves all day as the rain falls creates quite the pink and purple clutter nuclear disaster destruction area.

But I don’t. I do something else. I slip off my froggy sock-slippers. And I join the girls in the rain and the mud.

And there’s really only one rule…

“Don’t drip water on the floor when you go back inside…there’ll be weird clean spots….”

One of my dearest friends is Ken Rohling – who is  the most gifted photographer I have ever had the pleasure to meet (next to my dad, of course) – and I am truly honored to have him in my life. I’d like to share with you one of his amazing works of art. It is a breathtaking photo of the weather here in upstate New York yesterday. (In the end, it was just some rain, some wind, and a little hail).

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15 Responses to Honey, Don’t Drip Water On the Floor – There’ll Be Weird Clean Spots…

  1. Tiara Blue

    Another beautiful post. Made me long for a big, heavy rain like that here, so I can jump into some puddles. 🙂

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I love that 1st paragraph because that’s just what I do.
    And I also like that you let your girls run outside to play in the mud. Fun!

  3. Robin Edgell

    Beautiful picture and terrific post! I love the bit about not dripping cause there’ll be weird clean spots – LOL! Sounds like something I would say!

  4. Tess Kann

    Wow, that’s some storm!

  5. Brad

    I had a weird mix of emotions reading your text. On one hand I love your description of the storm and I enjoy them too. On the other hand, I felt regret that I don’t take the time or have the patience to help my girls do that sort of thing anymore. I got burnt out somewhere along the way.

  6. Kelly

    I use the corollary — when one of my kids spills a cup of water, I tell them, “Oh, well, the floor needed to be washed anyway.”

    Methinks I need to spend some time barefoot in the mud the next time it rains! — Kelly

  7. Heather

    That is a beautiful image!

    I remember weathering thunderstorms with my mom, but she wouldn’t let us go play in the rain. Sounds fun!

  8. Denise Malloy

    Being a transplanted Southern girl, I miss big show of a thunder and lightening storm. I also miss lightening bugs. . .

  9. Denise Malloy

    well, if I actually could proof read, it would be MUCH better – that should have been “miss THe big show” Clearly I haven’t had enough coffee yet.

  10. Fawn

    Beautiful pictures. My kids and I used to play in the rain when they were small. No my granddaughters umbrella dance.

  11. Betcy

    what a wonderful post! I love it. It’s nice to hear you went out to play with your kids. I used to love doing the same thing in summer storms.

  12. Robin

    Your blog is beautiful! I am trying to soak in that rain through my computer screen. Its 108 ridiculous degrees in AZ today and not a cloud in the sky… My floors haven’t seen water in a long time…coffee spots, yes, water, not so much. 🙂

  13. Rania

    Hey great post ….I think your daughters are so lucky to have such a nice mommy like you…Personally I love storms with thunders and lightnings but unfortunately I have been missing them for 2 years now since I moved from that part of the world in another that is …..too hot.

  14. larry bernstein

    Really cool picture. It sounds like you and the girls really know know how to appreciate a storm.

  15. Christiana

    What a great blog! I grew up in a large family (6 kids) and I LOVED it. I want to have the same someday, but my husband isn’t so sure. I guess we’ll see. I really look forward to reading more of your posts.

    I love watching thunderstorms too, exactly like you, with all the lights off. We used to go out and play in the rain as kids, too. We’d try to catch all the water as it flowed out of the downspouts, and dam up the curbs to watch how the water collected and overflowed. We’d make little boats and send them down with the currents. It was so fantastic, I will never forget it! Your kids are lucky to have a mom who is more interested in spending time with them than in keeping the perfect household.

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