I’ve Got 8 Bottles of Frisky-Hued Nail Polish, So What the Heck Am I Still Doing in NY?

Posted by on July 11, 2012

I’ve been dragging my feet lately regarding our move to either the Cape or Myrtle Beach. And the reason is the weather.

Putting aside the slight drought, it’s been gorgeous just about every single day. Closing your eyes and sipping a cool drink is a lot easier than poring over thousands of houses. Dreaming of running in slow motion on the beach and falling, giggling, in the sand, in the arms of that really good looking guy who jogs around the Myrtle Beach boardwalk in the mornings dressed in blue and white, is a lot more relaxing than thinking about packing and moving trucks and unpacking.

And, I’m not quite done saying my good-byes yet. I haven’t even started. The more I close my eyes as I float in my pool – the July sun’s rays touching me in all the right places – the more delightful memories reveal themselves. People. Places. Conversations. Events. Experiences. Sounds. Tastes. Smells.

Like priceless buried treasure.

The excited laughter and chatter coming from my girls bursting into the backyard, interrupted my lazy, quiet afternoon. My icy cold drink (a Staglin white wine on ice – great suggestion Wineguys!) splashed on my wicked hot stomach as I jumped up in the floating lounger, making it rock back and forth wildly in the cool, blue water. My sunglasses flew off their perch on the lounge’s arm and floated way down to the bottom of my pool.

“Look what Daddy bought us!!”, “I can’t believe it!!”,  “Do you see it Mommy??, Look! Look!!!” Five little girls, young ladies, crowded around me as I reluctantly got out of the pool, hugging and kissing me. “Can we play? Please?”, “Please??”, “Please, Mommy, please!!”  The plastic box to the video game they had been begging me for weeks was practically pressed up to my nose. And, although I have a strict rule about TV and video games before 6pm, I gave them an hour to play it to get it out of their system. (ok, ok…it also bought me another hour of having the pool all to myself.)

It took me less than 10 minutes to get the girls situated and in front of the tv “mother’s helper” and hop back into the pool.

The hour flew by, as time does when you’re just laying there enjoying heat on your body, cool refreshing drink in your hand. Enjoying the quiet.

The quiet????? Hmmm. There is definitely not supposed to be quiet associated with playing video games. So, like it or not, out of the pool again I climbed to go investigate.

Tip-toeing through our creaky tell-tale side door, dripping down my carpeted hallways, leaving wet spots on the flights of stairs, then running through the rooms to see what was up what the silence was about, I finally found my daughters.

Wii couldn't hold a candle to this classic!

On the floor they all sat. Playing with colorful blocks. Each had magnificent castles in front of herself – the usual mountain of hundreds of shapes not so much a mountain as a hill – as the girls grabbed at the wooden pieces. In the background, the annoying music to the game droned on, completely ignored.

“I thought you guys wanted to play that new game your father bought you,” I sat down next to them to try my hand at building something, “you guys have been begging me for it for weeks!”

Smiling sheepishly, my 13 year old pushed away a blonde tendril from her face, “this is more fun.”

Wooden blocks – basic building components. Basic. Like saying good-bye to people and places one loves.

In the meantime…while my girls stayed occupied with the blocks, I kissed each one and tip-toed right back down the flights of stairs and carpeted hallways, still damp from my previous trip, through the tell-tale creaky side door – right back into the refreshing water and my glass of wine.

“You need to just remember this is a new start,” my best friend Randi said when she bugged me again why I still hadn’t moved down near her. “Buy yourself 8 bottles of nailpolish that match the clothes you’ll be wearing down here, and that will be your signal that you’re ready to move down here.”

“I don’t do manicures,” I laughed, “I’m too hands-on of a mom for that. It would just be a waste of time and money.”

NEW START,” she reiterated.

We chatted for a while longer. I am certainly ready for that new start – I suppose I just need some time to say good-bye to some people and places first.

I did buy myself 8 bottles of nailpolish. Frisky colors that I never in my life thought I would wear – shades of blues and greens and grays.

New start, right?

And now, it’s time to start letting go, and saying those good-byes.


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11 Responses to I’ve Got 8 Bottles of Frisky-Hued Nail Polish, So What the Heck Am I Still Doing in NY?

  1. Lynn

    I love your friend’s advice! I think it’s great advice to use for any foray into the new and unknown.

    I’ve moved more times than I care to count, and while we’ve been here for over 10yrs now, there is at least one more move waiting for us, hopefully in the next 5 years (c’mon housing market, REBOUND!). Saying goodbye sucks. There’s just no other word for it. But it is a little exciting to start a new adventure. I wish you a ton of luck and happiness! Can’t wait to read all about it!


  2. Mutant Supermodel

    Do your nails! Trust me, the boost it gives you for even just one day is worth it. I know what you mean by the hands on mothering making it hard to justify but I’ve been doing this for myself more lately and the payoff has been excellent. It takes some getting used to and suddenly it all clicks together

  3. Regina

    Moving is so hard, but the excitement of a new place is fun. We moved 8 times in 8 years when I was younger, and while I hated the good-byes, I loved the new opportunities. Good luck.

  4. Betcy

    I so adore your photography. Such beautiful pictures in all your posts. How lovely.

  5. NerdyBaker

    A really lovely post.

  6. Rebecca @ Sink Or Swim

    Moving sucks. Especially with kids. It’s just SO hard to say goodbye to everything that has become a part of your life over the past few years. Good luck!

  7. Vanessa G

    That town, of all towns IS the hardest place to have a proper goodbye. I dream there in my old house nearly every night, than wake up in Florida, semi-shocked but delighted it’s always a sunny, warm day!
    Lots of things will be different and things are certainly a bit cheaper down South. Enjoy and keep your head up!

  8. Tess Kann

    Do your nails, say goodbye (write the house a note), load up and hit the road. Come ON, you can do it.

  9. Amanda

    It’s hard saying goodbye! Does nail polish make it easier?

  10. chanelireli

    Moving is so incredibly hard. We moved from California to Washington. Even though I was incredibly excited about the move, I can’t even begin to tell you how home sick I was. Now, one year later, we all love our new home and can’t even imagine moving back.

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