Today’s Dilemma – Balls or Birds?

Posted by on April 29, 2012

Yep, I’m one of THOSE.

A “coupon clipper”.

And this morning I am devoting a tiny chunk of time to “cutting money out of circulars”, with the help of, of course, my two littlest. My three year old is learning how to read and is “delighting” me with every word she reads – “Are you delighted Mommy? Watch me, Mommy, watch me read! Are you delighted?”

My six year old is calculating my savings – “Mommy, can I do it on paper or do I have to add it all up in my head?”

“No, Sweetheart, you can use paper.”

“But Mommy, then it’s not challenging.”

My three oldest are busy “practicing” bowling on Wii – I promised them an afternoon of bowling and dinner at a restaurant they could dress up to go to with the money we saved using the coupons.

It’s a GORGEOUS day though, blue skies, puffy clouds – maybe we will forget the shopping and bowling and fancy dinner.

Maybe…it will be more fun to grab some picnic things (a couple of baguettes, some hunks of cheese, a couple of pasta salads…) and hang out at the airport – spend some time up in the sky in the glider – pretending we’re birds – silently dancing through the air.

Maybe, just maybe, that’s exactly what we’ll do.


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One Response to Today’s Dilemma – Balls or Birds?

  1. Marta

    I don’t know why I’m so awful at clipping coupons. I need to get better at it, but I often find coupons for things I had no intention of buying so am I really saving? =)

    The picnic sounds fantastic.

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