“Welcome to Mommy’s Bloody Mary.”

Posted by on September 12, 2012

Holy. Moley. Canoli.

Another fantastic summer has slipped through my fingers – no matter how hard I tried to hold onto it. Delicious memories sprinkled heavily with fabulous foods and drinks and most of all, laughter. LOTS of laughter.

Now, as the hot sunshine begins it’s sexy romance with the harbingers of winter, my house is filled with the heady scent of pumpkin spice potpourri, and Chapter 3 (titled – Fall), of 2012 is comfortably settling in. Spritzes of autumnal colors are appearing in patches against the lush green background, and crispness has certainly settled into these September nights. Our featherbeds and comforters are piled high on our beds, which the girls can’t stop bouncing on.

Rubies, Sapphires and Garnets, oh my…

In the shadowy corners of our rooms, ghosts are sneaking in more frequent visits – eerily beckoning visitors to visit “Mommy’s Bloody Mary”.

Over the summer, I took the opportunity to take my studies in gemology one step further and go full force into geology, as well. And as my thirst for knowledge grew (and continues to grow) to obsessive levels, our vacations are formed around the nucleus of gem mining and faceting.

My new  toys tools have also made my studio feel, well, rather cramped. The new tools with all the bits and cutters and lap machines and microscopes and various gemstone rough have forced me to keep moving my art supplies and jewelry tools into smaller spaces.

“It doesn’t look much like a studio anymore,” Daughter #2, informed me one morning at breakfast as she sat shivering, wrapped in the new One Direction blanket I bought for her for her 12th birthday, “it looks like a lab.”

Daughter #4 checking out the properties of a gorgeous Herkimer Diamond we found.

“It looks like a lapidary, ding dong,” Daughter #1 corrected her.

“You’re the idiot,” her younger sister spat back.

“I didn’t call you an idiot. If you listened more and talked less, you would have heard I called you a “ding dong”!

Daughter #5 – the three year old – just looked at them, and then looked at me, and then looked in the direction of my studio lapidary – bewilderment and fear clearly showing in her bright blue eyes, “Mommy? What’s a “bloody Mary”?

“A lapidary is where they cut stones,” my oldest gathered her up and gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek before picking her up.

“Oh,” she squirmed out of her older sister’s arms, her blonde curls bouncing in disappointment, “I thought it was something fun!” and went back to practicing writing her alphabet.

Although the summer vacation has ended, tomorrow at 4 a.m., my five girls and I embark on yet another trip. A place with a very, very old history (which means lots of potential for haunted sites!) and the ocean (lots of treasures there!). So, my next several posts will be from this location.

(I’ll be checking in frequently via Facebook and Twitter, too…I hope you join us for our adventures!!)


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5 Responses to “Welcome to Mommy’s Bloody Mary.”

  1. Storybook Forest

    LOL love it! You’re post sums up all the excitement we feel about fall. But we’re so far south that it was 90 some degrees today… Soon though, we’ll see some color and the fall shiver will ghost through our house, too!

  2. Lou Lou

    “as the hot sunshine begins it’s sexy romance with the harbingers of winter” oh loved this sentence. Looking forward to your next destination post!

  3. Best of 2 Sisters

    Enjoyed reading the conversation between your daughters 🙂
    Hope you have an exciting trip!

  4. chaosandOrder

    You definitely have the same fall fever I get at each little cool breeze that finally reaches its fingers into the Southern states.

  5. Melissa

    Great post! I love your writing! I just hopped over here as you follow my blog, so I thought I’d peek at yours! 🙂

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