Why is There Alpaca Fur on the Floor in my Children’s Room?

Posted by on May 21, 2012

I am a LOVER of surprises…

What I am NOT a lover of, is coming home and discovering a white floor covering in my 6 and 8 year old daughters bedroom. Especially when this white floor covering is actually an eight foot by five foot, white alpaca fur rug. Did I mention it’s white?

“Daddy got it for us,” my six year reported excitedly as she sprawled out on it, nuzzling the long fur. “He said he saw it and just knew we had to have it!”

Cranberry juice. Orange juice. Grape juice. Chocolate. Gum. Paint. Clay. Glue. Throw-up. “Ooops, Mommy, I didn’t make it to the potty in time!” accident. I was doing a mental inventory of all the messes I have cleaned off that floor. In the last month.

My daughter rolled over on the rug and made a “fur angel”, “He said you’d probably be mad.”

Ya know…a prior discussion would have been nice.

“And you know what else? It’s got  silk on the back. This rug is going to slide across the floor like a magic carpet!” she posed on it like a surfer.

Forget the messes, now all I could think about were all the trips to the ER after the girls use the rug to fly the twenty-something feet of  varnished hardwood across their room. And that would get blood on it…

I checked the back of the rug, and sure enough, it had “100% Pure Alpaca Fur, 100% Silk Backing, Product of Peru” written on the back.

OK, I admit that as I touched the thing….I fell in love with it as well. My fingers got lost deep in the fur, and I found myself stroking it in spite of myself.

It would look so pretty. In my bedroom. Hint, hint, Santa….

For the moment, it remains in the girls’ room, and I have to confess that I spend a LOT more time playing legos in there now, and no one seems to mind the endless invitations to Barbie fashion shows, and bedtime stories last a few chapters longer as I stretch out on the fur to read.

I’m not quite sure how it will do when we move to the beach, though…I suspect it will just become a sand magnet.

It’s raining out again tonight…I may spend some extra time after I read “Matilda” to the 3 younger girls to curl up on their new rug and study.

If I don’t fall asleep on it first…



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20 Responses to Why is There Alpaca Fur on the Floor in my Children’s Room?

  1. Tess Kann

    Too wicked a carpet (yum) and a wicked, wicked man. He’s bad, I know. I had one.

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    How sweet of Daddy. He probably knew you’d come to love it too.

  3. johanna bradley

    I’m coming to curl up too. Let’s have a rug party!

  4. jennifer

    a question… what’s the deal with Dad?

  5. strongandcute

    When you move, that’s when you get custody of the new foofy rug! That baby goes right into your new bedroom! Have to protect it from all that impossible to vacuum sand, right?

  6. Tracy

    Lovely. My daughter would love it but it would be a mess within 5 minutes. I feel your pain! I do like that you now can spend more comfortable time sitting on the floor. I think all parents need a nice comfy rug to play on the floor with the little ones don’t realize how old we are and can’t get up!

  7. Fawn

    I hope hubby gets you one for your unbirthday! Hmmmmm . . . . soft!

  8. Mutant Supermodel

    Where do I get one? 🙂

  9. larry bernstein

    Funny story. It sounds comfy and a potential mess. Enjoy the comfortable parts.

  10. Stace

    Look on the bright side: Very soon that rug will be stained and look gross, and/or will cause some painful accidents, and then you’ll be able to justify getting rid of it. 😉 haha

  11. Becca

    I love it. I have three leopard fury throw pillows in my living room. Every kid, including my own, love them. Good luck. I don’t envy cleaning your Alpaca juice, pee, throw-up catcher! Love you site!!

  12. aladiesperspective

    I just tagged you in a blog post! I really hope you play the game and check it out! :]

  13. dawnofapril

    My boss has a weird cow skin looking fur rug in her office…it’s kind of ugly…but if I’m in there I am always rubbing it with my socks, something about fur. Anyways, thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

  14. Glimmering Girl

    I can think of a hundred different ways the girls would mess up that beautiful rug, probably all in one night!

  15. shannon2818

    If it were my house, it would be covered in marker and stickers in no time! Love the alpaca photo – they’re so funny looking.

  16. Starle

    Oh god, my husband does stuff like that all the time! Just enjoy it while it lasts! I have found sheep wool to be a ‘bit’ more durable. Until your husband puts it in the wash and it shrinks to 3 square cenimeters. “BUT SHEEP GET WET…” duh.

  17. 8 kids and a business

    Too funny!! I predict the rug is going to become the source of many more blog posts. Thanks for liking “The Rise of The Backyard Catapult” over on my blog. Could you imagine if your kids and mine played with the catapult all day and then vegged out on the white alpaca rug? Aaaarrrrggghhh!!!

  18. Lou Lou

    Enjoy it’s short life. When the first dirt mark shows up you can whisk it into your room for safe keeping!

  19. maddie

    Haha lovely but yeah know that feeling. BAAAD BAAAD Daddy

  20. Quirky Little Planet

    Haha great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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